The correct impression is only transported by the connection of picture and sound. The work on Scores for film represents again and again a new and exciting challenge, because you may not be content with conventional samples, but you have to go your own new ways for each new film. So you have to exhaust the whole range of musical expression and get inspired by different musical culture areas. The variation of the instruments, tone qualities, rhythms, harmonies and melodies and the possibility of unorthodox arrangements is for me particularly significant.

Christoph Fleischmann (born 1978 in Regensburg) began his musical career at the age of 8 years with playing the violin. Later he got piano lessons. Decisive for his musical influence was the classical guitar instruction two years later. Very soon he came into contact with the Flamenco and various South American music styles. He had lessons with Ricardo Havenstein (classical guitar) in Munich and Merengue de Cordoba (Flamenco) in Cordoba/Spain, Nelson Faria (Bossa Nova) in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil and in Buenos Aires/Argentina with Gustavo Cusmano (Tango). Further he had lessons with Rafael Soler in Granada (Flamenco) and Pedro Sanz in Puerto de Naos (Flamenco). 2005 Christoph Fleischmann began playing the accordion, 2007 the trumpet and 2010 drums and percussion.

After his studies of audio engineering at SAE Berlin and Munich, he began his career of film music composition. After some short films he participated 2011 in the score competition "Filmtonart" and got a praising mention. 2012 Christoph Fleischmann won the international scoring competition of the Talentcampus by Berlinale.